Micro-Influencers: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

Influencer marketing has been gaining popularity worldwide for the past few years. In fact, the industry rakes in an impressive $6.5 billion globally. However, one sub-category has been a game-changer for various brands: micro-influencers.

Now that personalization has become the name of the game; it’s all about relevance and not numbers. Working with individuals with a highly–engaged following can do wonders for your brand’s appeal to your target audience.

This article will discuss micro-influencers basics — what they are, how they can add value to your business, and when to include them in your marketing strategy. Read on to grow your reach across quality audiences.

What Are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are personalities with a decent number of followers, usually between 10,000 – 50,000. They may have a smaller audience than macro-influencers, but their fans are often more engaged. If your core campaign goal is to sell products and services instead of mass visibility, micro-influencers could be your perfect business partners.

Unlike traditional influencers, they specialize in a particular vertical and often create content about specific interests. They could be fitness enthusiasts, beauty gurus, or avid gamers who receive massive engagement relative to the size of their follower base.

Why Work With Micro-Influencers?

Working with micro-influencers offers unmatched value to your brand. Below are some advantages of such partnerships:

  • Achieve impressive return on investment (ROI): Hiring micro-influencers is more affordable than mega-influencers. Not only do they charge less while still offering high engagement rates, but some will even be content with just a free product to review.
  • Enhance authenticity: Instead of searching for celebrities who will advertise your products or services, you can look for micro-influencers who are true fans. Doing so will lead to more genuine content.
  • Bank on audience loyalty: Micro-influencers have followers already interested in brands like yours. A recommendation from their favorite experts will send them to your site faster than the speed of light.
  • Appeal to different buyer personas: Working with several micro-influencers lets you capture various niches. If you’re having trouble reaching a specific market, you can ask these personalities to help you.
  • Enhance search engine optimization (SEO) efforts: Blog micro-influencers can create valuable backlinks and inform Google that your site is a relevant resource for topics in your niche.

When Should I Work With Micro-Influencers?

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in influencer marketing. However, below are some instances when it’s better to work with micro-influencers than with more mainstream celebrities.

Draw Quality Viewers With Hashtags

You can use various micro-influencers to capture quality audiences to run hashtag-heavy campaigns. These strategies work best for platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any original material consumers create for online platforms. They can boost your reach, enhance your credibility, and improve engagement rates. When micro-influencers post content on their pages, they can encourage their followers to do the same.

Share Honest Reviews

One of the influencer trends gaining popularity is sending products to micro-influencers and asking them for honest reviews. They usually create content about the items they receive. Videos from fitness enthusiasts, beauty gurus, and avid gamers about exercise bands, lip kits, or gaming chairs often get a lot of views.

Work With Micro-Influencers Now

So, are you ready to boost your ROI, authenticity, customer loyalty, reach, and SEO efforts? Working with micro-influencers can help you with all of the above!

However, finding the right influencers for your business takes time. Remember, choosing the wrong ones can lead to losses and even damage your brand.

Instead, you can work with an agency trusted by small businesses and startups, like Amplico Marketing. We guarantee affordable rates, agile solutions, and measurable results. Request a free consultation to start coordinating micro-influencer campaigns with macro-level impacts on your brand.