Convert a Lead Into a Sale in 7 Steps

Convert a lead into a sale using these conversion optimization steps designed to maximize the return on your digital marketing campaign.

1. Map Your Digital Marketing Process

Before you begin a digital marketing campaign, you should map out the steps you intend to take when trying to convert a lead into a sale. It is important to identify what actions need to be taken, who is going to take them, and over what period of time they need to be taken for each lead response. It is even important to map out a plan to address what to do with people who do not respond to your digital marketing campaign.

2. Create an Excellent Offer or Hook

Tailor your offer/hook to your target customer and promote it. It should make them want to perform the call to action this will give you the best chance to convert a lead into a sale. Often A/B testing of different offers or the same offer worded differently can help optimize this step. Many marketers often forget to consider a key element, which is what happens when the lead clicks on the offer. A great next step to convert a lead to a sale is to direct them to a landing page, where a lead magnet is provided in exchange for their contact information.

3. Create a Remarkable Landing Page

An excellent landing page provides a seamless connection between the offer/hook and your brand. It should be evident to the visitor they have landed in the right place to take advantage of the offer. It should also be straightforward for the visitor to provide you with the information you need to follow up. Without this critical information your ability to convert a lead into a sale decreases.

4. Integrate Leads Into Your CRM Database

Just capturing lead information is not enough. You need to have information in a customer relationship management system (CRM) that allows you to market as the lead moves through the sales funnel. It is also essential your CRM can be accessed and updated by the individual(s) responsible for closing the sale. Also, the CRM should be able to contain information about your leads even if they are obtained through different lead generation methods, like trade shows or phone calls. 

5. Score Your Sales Leads

Not all leads are the same. Therefore, to give you the best chance to convert a lead into a sale it is essential to rank the leads based on your chosen preset rankings to know where they fall in your sales funnel. Lead scoring allows you to determine the importance and likelihood of converting a lead into a sale. With this information, sales can focus their efforts on those leads with the highest likelihood of close.

6. Gather Market Intelligence

After you have launched your offer and converted many leads into sales you should always take the time to evaluate the campaign’s performance. By doing so you can drill down on the areas that generated the most actions and adjust your strategy. Collecting performance data and then comparing it to customer data can help you understand what demographics, geographies, and psychographics responded best to your offer.

7. Relaunch Digital Marketing Offer

After you drill down on the areas that generated the most actions from your offer, you should adjust your offer or your audience target to boost conversions, then relaunch. Digital marketing campaigns should rarely be a one-and-done endeavor. It is best to take a continually optimize approach to any digital marketing campaign. This will also optimize your chances to convert a lead into a sale time and time again.